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BOOST Kids provides support for low income families so no player is left on the sideline

We are continually working to remove financial barriers that prevents kids from playing basketball. BOOST Kids provides one year of weekly training sessions and seasonal training camps.

Financial Support

Weekly Training

Seasonal Camps

HoopLife Community

"BOOST Kids has given my child an opportunity to play basketball weekly and improve his skill. I am so thankful for this program and how much it has helped."

- Sarah Johnson

How does BOOST Kids help?

BOOST Kids provides funding to families facing financial obstacles so they can participate in yearly basketball training. HoopLife is continually finding ways to help families and provide their children with a fun and unique experience led by qualified coaches.

Who is eligible to receive BOOST Kids funding?

Families that are on a low income, unemployed or currently receiving income support through provincial government are all considered eligible. Children and youth ages 7 to 18 years are all eligible to receive BOOST Kids funding.

What does BOOST Kids cover?

BOOST Kids supports one year of weekly training sessions and seasonal training camps. The starting date of your BOOST Kids financial support is based on the day your application has been approved and the funding is secured.  

What are the funding arrangements?

BOOST Kids is setup to automatically deposit HoopLife credits into your account every month. As a parent, you will be required to register your child for upcoming training and camp dates. Any unused credits at the end of the term must be returned.