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Frequently Asked Questions

Search through of FAQ's. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us!

How Can I Sign Up?

HoopLife offers next level basketball training academies in Regina, Saskatchewan year-round for groups of either beginner or elite athletes. You can sign up for weekly training and/or camps all year long.

Membership: The number one way to shine as a basketball player is to put the hours in working on your fundamentals. The HoopLife membership is the greatest investment any young player can make to develop their game properly and truly shine on the court. You will receive a set amount of credits per month at a huge discount to use for weekly training, camps, and individual training. Click here to find out more information about memberships.

Multi Credit Pass: You can invest in a 5/10/20 credit pass which will load your account with credits and you can use whenever you like, click here to view prices.


What Types of Basketball Training Does HoopLife Offer?

Year-Round Weekly TrainingThis training is 1-hour skills training sessions which runs all year round every week with multiple sessions to choose from every week (the only time weekly training is not on is during the seasonal camps below).

Seasonal Camps: This training is commonly known as our summer week-long camps, our 3 day Easter camps, and out 3 day Christmas camps.

Individual: Individual sessions as we refer to them as is when 1 Sr. HoopLife Coach is paired with a max of 3 players for a one-hour session. 

Click here to view upcoming dates and register!

Sessions & Camps Cancellation Policy

When registered for a Weekly Training Session you can cancel the session and be reissued the credits to your account only if you cancel the class 48 hours before the session start time. Within 48 hours of the session start time, you are unable to cancel the session and will not be eligible for any refund.

When signed up for a Camp you can cancel the camp and be reissued the credits to your account only if you cancel the camp 15 days before the camp start date. Within 15 days of the session start time, you are unable to cancel the session and will not be eligible for any refund.

Yearly Members Cancellation Policy

HoopLife members are given a substantial discount on Hooplife credits; therefore the membership term is 1 year long. If a member wishes to cancel their membership before the year is up, they are subject to an early cancellation fee of 3 months of their current monthly payment or the remaining payments left on the term if under three months. Members paying yearly will receive a particular refund after the 3-month penalty is taken off.

What Ages can Participate in HoopLife?

Male and Female athletes ranging from ages 7-18 can participate in their respective camps. View upcoming camps here.

Why Should my Player Attend HoopLife?

HoopLife is the best option to increase your individual basketball skills and knowledge. Through our next level curriculum, HoopLife will give you the confidence and skill to excel; on your school team or Club team, or even at the provincial level. An investment in HoopLife, is ultimately what will take your game and confidence to the next level. View upcoming sessions here!

What Equipment do I Need to Bring?

Equipment that is necessary for a day of camp at HoopLife is indoor shoes, workout apparel, water bottle, and your own basketball.

Are There HoopLife Academies for Both Boys & Girls?

HoopLife offers various camps for both Boys only & Girls only. View upcoming dates here!

Are There Games Played at HoopLife?

We understand that playing is important for our athletes to grow. We scrimmage at the end of each day so our players will be able to show off what they have learned throughout the session or camp and be able to use techniques that our skilled coaches and trainers have taught them. We believe scrimmaging is a test of what our athletes have learned and the only way to perform well on a test is to study (aka practice fundamentals).

Is Lunch Provided at Summer Camps?

During summer camps, we require all athletes to bring their own lunch, however, only in summer we offer a snack daily.

Who are the Coaches at HoopLife?

The HoopLife coaching staff is carefully selected and highly trained within our curriculum in order to teach our athletes proper basketball techniques, the HoopLife way.

Click here to view HoopLife coaching staff.

3x3 Cancellation Policy

When your team has been successfully registered for the 3x3 Tournament, cancellation refunds will only be accepted prior to a week before the event. If this deadline is not met, no monetary refund will be given to your team regardless of if they show up to the event or not.