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Invest In Your Future And
Purchase a HoopLife Membership

The number one way to shine as a basketball player is to put the hours in working on your fundamentals. The HoopLife membership is the greatest investment any young player can make to properly develop their game and truly shine on the court.

Habib HabibExecutive Director

    • Yearly Membership

      $ 99 mo
      • PACKAGE & SAVE 25% Commit to Hooplife For 1 Year and Save Big
      • 25 Weekly Training Sessions Immediately when you become a Hooplife Member you receive 25 sessions on your account to use towards weekly training. You are able to select from multiple dates and options each week year-round to fit around your schedule.
      • Full Access to All 3 Day Camps Full admission to all 3 of Hooplife's 3-Day seasonal camps.
        This will include February break, Easter break, and Christmas break.

        If you are unable to attend a 3-Day Camp you will be given 6 sessions on your account per camp you were unable to attend.
        Must give 15 days notice.
      • Full Access to 1 Summer Camp Full admission to one of Hooplife's 5-Day Summer Camps.
        You are able to select from multiple weeks.

        If you are unable to attend any Summer Camps you will be given 12 sessions on your account.
        Must give 15 days notice.
      • 10% Off Apparel All members are given a special coupon code where they receive 10% off Apparel

        Key Points Important: Each membership is a one year commitment. They can be paid in full or per month. Once membership is active you are not able to cancel until your one-year commitment is up.

        Important: You will be given 25 sessions immediately upon membership activation. If you require additional sessions or camps throughout the year you can do so on the "Buy Sessions" page of the site.

        Important: If you do not use your sessions they will stay on your account and never expire.

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