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What We Teach

“At the core, we focus on teaching the fundamental skills of the game. We believe success only comes when you have a rock solid foundation. Learning and executing skill development drills is how we truly set up our athletes for success.”

HoopLife Founder - Andrew Gottselig

4 Pillars to Become an Elite Basketball Player

Basketball Fundamentals

At HoopLife we look to start from the bottom. We believe that having a strong foundation to begin with is important for your development as a player in our camps. We give you the platform and fundamental skills to guarantee that you will grow as a HoopLife athlete and ultimately succeed in all aspects of basketball. Through our program, we make sure to explore a wide variety of skills, including dribbling, passing, shooting, and defence to ensure our athletes are improving in all angles of their game. With our trained coaching staff we are able to properly demonstrate the techniques necessary to become an elite level basketball player.

Physical Athleticism

As important as it is to work on your basketball skills, it is very important to work on your physical athleticism as well. We train our athletes to work and put the their physical condition/ shape first.

At HoopLife we work with all our athletes to ensure their athleticism is at the level required to succeed. We work with athletes individually to ensure they understand what they must do to physically be in shape.

Basketball IQ

At HoopLife we understand that while some players are born with a natural basketball IQ, others are not. Similarly to how we offer fundamental basketball training for both elite and beginner athletes, we also give all players the chance to learn and understand the game at a high level. Our coaching staff makes it a priority for our athletes to grow in both their awareness and knowledge of the game. For example, we teach concepts such as when is the right time to take a shot compared to when is the right time to create for someone else. Basketball IQ is an equally important component of our program, as it translates to your overall game and will take you further as a basketball player.

Mindset Development 

Along with learning the skills and knowledge of what it takes to be an elite level basketball player, we teach how to achieve success in everything you do through developing a winning mindset. Arguably the most important element of our academy is to train our athletes to be leaders with class and integrity, while achieving their goals. Our mission is to build better people, and help them achieve their dreams in the process, whether they are basketball specific or otherwise. At HoopLife we have developed an advance athlete development program known as the “Success System.” This program is renowned for giving our athletes the necessary knowledge & confidence to fulfill their dreams, whether that be on or off the basketball court.

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